Eco-lap lapping slurries by Incerco are water based diamond slurries specifically designed to be operator safe, environmentally friendly and to
provide superior cutting action in the lapping, polishing and finishing of ceramics, carbides and other hard materials.  Eco-lap slurries suspend very easily, are non-clumping and will not clog atomizing spray nozzles. Eco-lap slurries are engineered to provide uniform diamond particle suspension and thus provide very consistent lapping results from your process. Eco-lap slurries are available in various mesh sizes and are color coded for identification.Eco-lube is a water based lube system, engineered to be used in conjunction with Eco-lap slurries. Eco-lube will help reduce lapping time and reduce the amount of Eco-lap requited by maitaining even dispersion of diamonds on the table, thus producing better finishes quicker.

Grade        Micron Size Range        Mesh Size                 Color Code

ECO – 1                 0-2                                                    14,000                                      Clear
ECO – 3                 2-4                                                      8,000                              Yellow (or clear)
ECO – 6                 4-8                                                      3,000                              Orange (or clear)
ECO – 9                8-12                                                     1,800                                Green (or clear)
ECO – 15             10-20                                                   1,200                              Blue (or clear)
ECO – 30              22-36                                                     600                                Red (or clear)
ECO – 45              40-60                                                     325                                 Brown (or clear)

ECO – LUBE (Lubricant to be used with ECO-LAP)                                         Light Blue

ECO – LAP Slurries are available in pint glass bottles. ECO – LUBE available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers.

Pricing for ECO -LAP diamond slurries is $25.00 per pint.Pricing for ECO-LUBE is $10.00 per gallon.