If you are going to make your own technical ceramic components by green machining iso-pressed billets; doesn’t it make sense to use the best ceramics that you can get in the world?

I offer all of our world class technical ceramic materials in isostatically pressed green billets. All bodies are engineered for, and our process insures; technical ceramics of high strength, high density with our exclusive SFG (Small, Fine, Grain) technology. The consistency and integrity of my ceramic technology and process insures precise, uniform shrinkage with consistent fired properties. Shrinkage is guaranteed to be within 1%, and is typically within a quarter of one percent. All billets are pressed with a binder and are easily green machined with single-point tooling. If you do not have firing capabilities in-house, I will fire your material for you at a reasonable price.



We offer 96%, 99.5%, 99.8% and 99.97% Aluminum Oxide green ceramic billets in rods and blocks.


We offer Y-TZP (Yttria-Partially Stabilized Zirconia/Y-PSZ), MgO-PSZ, Ce-PSZ , Fully Stabilized Yttria Zirconia (8 mol %) and ATZ (Alumina Toughened Zirconia) green ceramic in rods and blocks.